Typically, the exhibit is 80' x 60'. However, were have the ability to configure the exhibit to almost any size. To get a better idea of the exhibit footprint, just click on the footprint link at the bottom.

Other needs:

Number of our Support Vehicles: 2 w/trailers, 1 RV Crew Quarters
Vehicle #1, 54' length, 13' height, 24,500 lbs
Vehicle #2, 35' length, 10' height, 16,300 lbs

* Access to water within 300' of exhibit is desirable.

* Require 24 hour power access (within 300' of exhibit), 110v, 50amp. We carry all necessary hook ups and the unit is staffed by our own electrician.

* Solid ground, (dirt) or concrete/asphalt is ok for the exhibit. If on concrete/asphalt we will need to install tie-downs, which we can re-fill (the holes) at the end of the show/event if required. It is critical that the exhibit be on level/flat ground.

* Ability to have support vehicles close by, is desired, and ability for animal support staff that are staying with animals to come and go from the grounds 24 hours.

* Please note that this exhibit/show is equipped with commercial fog machines, which may be used. This may impact where you would like the show set up. If requested, we can keep the machines off.

* Our shows/demonstrations include the feeding of the adult tigers, and at times can be loud.

* The keepers and animal staff will be with the tigers around the clock, and they will never be left alone.

We strive to make this show/exhibit as "turn-key" as possible, requiring only the bare necessities to at each site while we are stationary. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call !

What are the exhibit requirements ?
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